Double your traffic using Social Media

Content plays an important role in social media marketing. However it is more important to make it reach to right people in right time, so that it can help in increasing your business.

Social media has changed the way of marketing as now the whole world is the market and your content is the tool to reach out to them. If you want your traffic to get double from social media then you have to be serious about what content you are giving people to read and how they will react.

To share your content on social media, you have to make a strategy based on following points:

  • What to share
  • When to share
  • Where to share

Lets have a glance on each, one by one.

What to share?

The first and most important thing is what to share on social media as people read see and like only those things which are of their interest or which looks interesting to them, so it is very important to decide which content will go live and attract reader which in turn will result in increasing traffic. You can see the interest of audience by their likes and shares, so that it can help in posting right content on right social media platform. You can categorize the content in following types:

  • Information about your business
  • Business tips
  • General knowledge related content
  • Interesting facts
  • Entertainment related posts
  • About offers in your business
  • Breaking news from around the world
  • Interesting thoughts and quotes by various people
  • Debatable topic

You have to think about the content which can engage your customer and make them restless to wait for your content, to like and to share it.

When to share?

Second most important thing is to know the right time of sharing the content in order to draw more traffic. There should be proper schedule on each platform so that audiences can get connected to it and moreover wait for it. Another thing is to consider is the frequency of the content which should be like one or two post daily, week or in month. Depending on your content and audience, you should decide the frequency of the content.

Time is also another factor as you have to see when your audiences are using the social media, so at that time content should be posted so that they can read it reply on it and share it. However you can go by posting two to five posts daily.

Where to share?

There are different types of users on different social media platforms, so you should always see what type of content is attracting audience on which platform and then accordingly posts the content.

There should be different ways to share the same thing on different social media platform like:

  • Facebook: entertaining content must be share in order to engage your audience. Share visual content having message with less characters
  • Twitter: share business tips to draw your audience attention and share visual content with maximum 100 characters
  • LinkedIn: you can share industry news, business tips and leadership thoughts content to connect with your audiences. You can also share post with images and short messages to attract audience
  • Google+: this is apt platform to share videos and blogs. Decorate your content with good content and words to make it more reader attractive
  • Pinterest: use new and different visual content which is eye catchy to the audiences


After setting a strategy on above mentioned point’s next step come is to analyze the posts. This analysis includes:

  • To see when your targeted audience is online?
  • To see which type of posts is engaging them?
  • How many posts are important to draw the traffic?

When you analyze the above mentioned points you can create your content accordingly which will help in doubling the traffic on social media!

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